42mm to Wide 48mm T-Ring Conversion Kit - Converts most 42mm T-Rings to 48mm


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Our T-Ring conversion kit converts most common T-Rings to accept Wide 48mm format accessories.

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T-Ring for Canon EOS SLR/DSLR Cameras
EF/EF-S Mount

42-48 T-Ring Conversion

Converts most common T-Rings from 42mm to 48mm (0.75)

Standard 42mm T-Rings will vignette badly when used with most newer Full Frame cameras. Wider T-Rings for some newer camera models can be difficult to find in the larger 48mm format. Finding a great fit can be even harder. If you have a good fitting ring but need to connect to larger 48mm accessories this kit is the solution. 

This set includes a new 48mm Inner Ring with 48mm (0.75) threading. It also includes 3 new quality replacement set screws as well as a hex wrench. The screws and wrench fit 85% of T-Rings and are included because the original screws tend to be of very poor quality. Some T-Rings use a smaller screw, these are not included as they tend to be of good quality from the factory. 

See Pictures, your T-Ring must have an inner diameter of 52mm to be compatible!

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