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By DB on June 3, 2015

Very good quality. I am a machinist by trade and I am impressed how well the threads were cut. Everything screws together like it should.
No regrets.

By Clifford De Lacy on August 27, 2014

Excellent product and delivered on time. I connected it to my Meade Coronado Solar Max 90mm 2 with double Hydrogen-Alpha filters. I used the prime focus adapter connected to my Nikon D3200 dsl and also used eyepiece projection - excellent results.

By DBCOLT on December 19, 2015

Love it ! I use a Nikon D7200 and an Orion XT10. I didn't need any of the extra pieces like a Barlow lens like some reviews stated but I may buy one for what they do. I use my adapter with a 25mm eyepiece. Great results ! Took a little
Trial and error but finally got it figured out.
Solid and Precise

By TP Rhode Island on June 7, 2016

Works perfectly on my Canon EOS 70D, no T-Ring needed! Took eyepiece out of telescope and insert this in-place!

Perfect for astrophotography in a 2" optical train
By Christian P. Wade on August 13, 2015

I bought this to mate a Canon EOS 60D with a Sky-Watcher 10" Dobsonian focuser. I had been using a 1.25" mount that took two pieces to connect. This reduces parts required and makes mounting the EOS a snap. Excellent quality construction. This does exactly what I need it to do and has made my telescope photography much easier. I am not sure if this allows more light into the camera sensor since I really can't see an increase from before, but it definitely didn't reduce the amount of light. If you are using an EOS T-adapter and the screw-in mount that comes with the focuser, switch to this and your life will be easier.
By John A. Rescigno

So I've been getting increasingly savvy at astrophotography and associated post-processing, but what has been killing me all along has been the horrible vignetting that I would get (light in the center, increasingly dark around the edges.) My setup is an unmodified Canon T3i stuffed into either a Celestron 8SE or Orion 80ED .... using the 1.25" stuffer-inner.

No more 1.25" stuffer-inner. This goes straight into the 80ED and requires a $50 doohickey (I hope the jargon isn't offputting) to go into the SCT .... and all but no more vignetting!

I haven't even found what other benefits there might be in going from 1.25" to 2" using a DSLR but I'll never image at 1.25" again with my DSLR. Never.

This is the least expensive of its type that I have found for my camera and it is so so very very worth it. Clear skies! (and some cloudy nights for processing!)
Works Perfect!
By E K on January 19, 2015

I was going back and forth on which type of mount to buy, this 2" model or one of the 1.25 adapters. I'm really glad I went with this model. Fits perfectly to my old Canon Rebel XT, as well as fitting perfect to my Celestron reflector telescope. I was able to use this mount and focus properly without the aid of a Barlow lens.

I'm including a few pictures of the Camera mounted to the telescope and pictures I took of the Orion Nebula and the Lovejoy comet.
By Fernando Prince III on June 28, 2014

awesome product, perfect NEX-3 adapter for my Orion astroview 90 1.25