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This Premium Variable Eyepiece Projection Adapter allows you to do both "Prime Focus" and "Eyepiece Projection" astrophotography. By varying the length of the adapter you can make fine adjustments in Magnification for perfect framing of your shots. Fits 1.25" Ports. T-Ring required to mate to your Camera.

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Premium VEPA+ Variable Eyepiece Projection Adapter

VEPA+ on Cam 120

Our new VEPA+ can hold larger Eyepieces than a standard VEPA adapter. VEPA+ can hold 1.25" Eyepieces
up to 42mm in outside Diameter. It also has a knurled Grip Ring and a handy Laser Engraved Extension
Scale for recording and repeating your settings with confidence.


The VEPA+ allows you to do both Prime Focus and Eyepiece Projection astrophotography. By varying the length of the adapter you vary the placement of the imaging plane in the light cone. The further back in the cone the higher the magnification on the sensor. This is extremely useful for framing a shot just the way you want it. By changing the focal length of the eyepiece you can make major changes in magnification, by varying the adapter length you make smaller changes, think of it as a Coarse and Fine magnification control. This adapter fits into any standard 1.25" telescope eyepiece port and can hold a moderately sized eyepiece (up to 42mm Diameter) within it for eyepiece projection photography. For prime focus shots just unscrew the 1.25" nose and connect it directly to a T-Ring. You will also need a T-Ring to fit your brand of camera. Manufactured of aluminum with a black anodized finish. The 1.25" end is also threaded for standard 1.25" eyepiece filters. This adapter is recommended for SLR & DSLR type cameras only.

(The eyepiece upper barrel can be no larger than 42mm in diameter. For larger eyepieces see our VariMax adapters.)

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