ETX Premium Astrophotography Kit for Nikon Z Mount (Nikon Z9, Z7, Z6, Z5, Z50, etc)


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The worlds most versatile ETX Adapter Set. The included parts will allow you to couple your camera to both the ETX Photo port and the Top Eyepiece port. You can Image in both Prime Focus or Eyepiece Projection modes to cover the full magnification range of the ETX. Fits ETX 90/105/125. Also Celestron NexStar 4. 

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ETX Premium Astrophotography Kit
fits all Nikon Z Mount Mirrorless Cameras
(Nikon Z9, Z7, Z6, Z5, Z50, etc)

ETX Mirrorless Premium Kit

This money saving combo includes everything needed
for both Prime Focus and Eyepiece Projection Imaging.
Fits ETX-90/105/125 Only.

The included Rear Port Adapter converts the ETX Photo Port to
accept standard 1.25" accessories. Image though Both Ports!

Prime Focus on Photo Port

In Prime Focus mode the Telescope becomes the camera lens and you
are imaging at the widest possible Field Of View for Deep Sky Objects.

Eyepiece Projection on Photo Port

In Eyepiece Projection mode an Eyepiece is used to increase magnification.
This method is commonly used for Imaging detail on the Moon, Planets and Nature.
The variable length adapter is a fine magnification control to better Frame your shots. 

The parts included in the Premium kit will couple your camera to both the Rear Photo Port and to the top Eyepiece Port. This is important as mount clearance near zenith requires shooting through the top port. You can image in both "Prime Focus" or "Eyepiece Projection" modes to use the full magnification range of the ETX. Much more versatile than the Meade #64 Adapter.

This money saving combo includes our new VEPA+ Variable Eyepiece Projection Adapter, an ETX 1.25" Rear Port Adapter, A 1.25" Prime Focus Adapter, a Parfocalizing Ring to aid in Focusing and the appropriate T-Ring for your camera. 

The VEPA+ Adapter can hold Eyepieces up to 42mm in Outside Diameter. This covers most standard 1.25" Plossls all the way up to 40mm FL. The "variable" length feature of this adapter lets you to adjust the magnification for better framing of your shots. A laser engraved scale makes for for easy repeatability. The knurled grip ring assures a firm grip even when packing things up in heavy dew conditions.  

The Parfocalizing ring is a focusing aid. Using the parfocalizing ring you can make a spare eyepiece "parfocal" with your camera setup. That way you can center and focus using an eyepiece in the top port and then just flip the mirror down and take a focused image.

Parts are "T" threaded for compatibility with many other adapters. Constructed of aluminum with a durable anodized black finish. 


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