Fuji “X” Mount Premium Astrophotography Kit (1.25”)


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Fits all Fuji X Mount Mirrorless Cameras. Our Premium Astrophotography Kits are suitable for both Prime Focus and Eyepiece Projection Imaging. Fits 1.25" Eyepiece Ports. Includes our Premium VEPA+ Adapter. 

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Premium Astrophotography Kit (1.25")
for Fuji X Mirrorless Cameras

"Variable" Eyepiece Projection & Prime Focus-

Our Best Selling Premium Astrophotography Kits include the parts for both
Prime Focus & Eyepiece Projection Imaging on Telescopes with 1.25" Ports.
We also include 5 Pages of illustrated Instructions and email help if needed.

Premium Kit Includes: VEPA+ Eyepiece Projection Adapter, a 1.25" Prime Focus Adapter,
a T-Ring to fit your Camera Mount and a Parfocalizing Ring to be used as a Focusing Aid. 

VEPA Plus is Larger than standard 1.25" Projection Adapters.
It also features a laser engraved Scale and a machined Grip Ring. 

VEPA Plus can handle larger eyepieces, up to 42mm Max Diameter.
It will accept most standard 1.25" Plossl Eyepieces, even a 40mm.
Standard Eyepiece Projection adapters max out with a 25mm Plossl.
If you need to use even larger eyepieces see our VariMax Adapters.

The Variable Length feature acts as a fine Magnification control
to better frame your shots. Also allows longer eyepieces to fit.

View Setup Diagram for Prime Focus 
View Setup Diagram for Eyepiece Projection

This Premium kit includes the parts you will need for both "Prime Focus" and Variable "Eyepiece Projection" astrophotography packaged together in one money saving, easy to purchase kit. The "Variable" feature lets you adjust the adapter length to vary the magnification (thus image size) for perfect framing of your shots. Fits telescopes with a standard 1.25" eyepiece port.

The upgraded VEPA Plus adapter can hold eyepieces up to 42mm in upper body diameter. It also features a laser engraved extension scale for recordability and repeatability as well as a large machined grip ring.. for a sure grip in even the worst dew conditions. CNC machined of aluminum with a durable black anodized finish. The 1.25" barrel is threaded to accept standard 1.25" Eyepiece Filters. See our optional clear glass Dust Filter (#T1FLT), recommended to help keep dust out of your camera.

This kit is suitable for:

Prime Focus – In this imaging method the camera is connected directly to the telescope and placed at the "prime" focus of the telescope. The telescope becomes the camera lens. No eyepiece is used in this method. This method provides the widest possible field of view, the shortest possible exposure time and moderate magnification. Typically used for imaging nebulae, galaxies and other large (but dim) deep sky objects.

Eyepiece Projection & Variable Eyepiece Projection – In this imaging method an eyepiece is used to increase magnification. The eyepiece is placed between the camera and the telescope. The eyepiece “projects” the image onto the camera sensor. The projected image size increases with distance, similar to a flashlights beam. A "Variable" Projection adapter allows you to change the projection distance. This varies the magnification of the system, allowing you more flexibility when framing your shots. Think of it as a "Fine" magnification control. Whereas "Coarse" changes in magnification are made by changing eyepieces. Eyepiece Projection is typically used for Terrestrial, Lunar & Planetary imaging and any time higher magnification is needed to bring out detail.

IMPORTANT: Additional parts may be required to reach photographic focus with certain telescope types:
SCTs and Maks generally have enough focus range without any additional optical or physical extensions. 
Reflector type telescopes will typically require the use of a Barlow Lens (#BAR1).
Refractor type telescopes will typically require the use of an Extension Tube

Please see our VariMax adapters for using even larger Eyepieces.

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